6:1 ratio 30 min 
4:1 ratio 20 min
1:1 ratio 20 min 
1:1 ratio 30 min
2:1 ratio 20 min 
2:1 ratio 30 min 
$10 off adding second class per week 
10% off Police, Military, Fire and Rescue 
$10 off second Swimmer
$25  Family enrollment fee
2:1 ratio is perfect for siblings around the same age and level, Tadpole-Shark level, if a swimmer is swimming alone and paying the non private rate the class time will be based on tuition rate 
STARFISH 3 month old- 2.5 yr
Sorry we don't accept cash or AMEX for tuition only Visa, Mastercard and Debit Card $25 charge for late or declined tuition charges. 

$80 per 4 week session 

$140 per 4 week session 
$175 per 4 week session 
$95 per 4 week session 
$115 per 4 week session 
$25 fee for declined tuition after tuition date. 
All students are on auto enroll session to session. To stop auto enroll please submit via email request at least 30 days prior to the next session date. 

New in coming students may enroll at anytime and be pro rated in. When pro rated in the pro rated amount will be added to the next sessions billing date. Once account is set up it will be on auto charge on the set session dates. If swimmer enrolls after the session set charge date the current session tuition will be added to the next set tuition date. 
*Tuition rates per swimmer 
Session 1 
Jan 1- Jan 27
Tuition date on 12/15
Drop date due by Dec 1 
Session 2
Jan 29- Feb 24
Tuition date on 1/15
Drop date due by Dec 29 
Session 3 
Feb 26- Mar 24
Tuition date on 2/15
Drop date due by Jan 26 
Session 4
Mar 26-Apr 28
*closed for Spring Break 4/2-4/7
Tuition date on 3/15
Drop date due by Feb 26
Session 5
Apr 30- May 26
Tuition date on 4/15
Drop date due by Mar 30
Session 6
May 28- Jun 23
Tuition date on 5/15
Drop date due by April 28 
Session 7 
Jun 25-Jul 21
Tuition date on 6/15
Drop date due by May 25
*closed on July 4th classes will be rescheduled
Session 8 
Jul- 23- Aug 18
Tuition date on 7/15
Drop date due by Jun 23
Session 9 
Aug 20- Sept 15 
Tuition date on 8/15
Drop date due by July 20
Session 10
Sept 17- Oct 13
Tuition date on 9/15
Drop date due by Aug 15 
Session 11
Oct 15- Nov 10
Tuition date on 10/15
Drop date due by Sept 15 
Session 12 
Nov12- Dec 22
Tuition date on 11/5
Drop date due by Oct 15
*closed the week of Thanksgiving not apart of session tuition