Starfish (age 3 months-2.5 years old)
Yellow Starfish
Blue Starfish
The child has an adult (parent or other) in the water with him/her at all times. This class includes an introduction to water safety and primary water skills with song and repetition. The main skills learned in this level back floating alone to 10 count, submersion blowing bubbles, rollover to take a breath alone and of course water play in a fun, family environment.


Certificates and ribbons are awarded once the level is completed at the front desk.
Swimmer must be able to rollover and catch a breath unassisted. Student is calm, comfortable and independent while swimming on their stomach and back. 

Super Star Little Dipper swimmers are AMAZING. 

Swimmer can usually swim the length of a pool, rolling to take a breath unassisted!

Age 2-3 Grads from the baby class

Introduction level: Perfect for the new swimmer who needs to learn the basic skills necessary for swimming. 

This level is for a nervous student or very beginner. We work on comfortable submersion, back float with help, and building great attitudes...building confidence is the KEY in this level.
Swimmer must be comfortable underwater, but have yet to mater rolling to float alone. 

We work on rollover breathing, back float with and independence in the water. Student is no longer a tadpole, as they have built up the confidence to take off!!! 

This is a HUGE milestone for a new swimmer.
Swimmer is very comfortable on their back and able to work the length of the pool a few times.

 We focus on big-arm freestyle with side breathing, back stroke and breast stroke are now introduced!!!

Swimmer must be able to rollover and catch a breath unassisted for a count of 20. Student is focused, calm, comfortable and independent on their stomach and their back.

 At this level arms are introduced to freestyle and elementary back stroke. Endurance is now the next step!

At this point swimmers have a REALLY  solid freestyle and backstroke!

 Now its time to introduce butterfly stroke! We focus on all four strokes and endurance.

AMAZING SWIMMERS Little Swimmers!!!

 Sharks are ready for any stroke or drill... the main focus is now on refining the four competitive strokes and introduce pace work. 

Student also works on multiple individual medleys with correct strokes and turns. 

This level is usually a group class but can be a private class to really refine strokes for swim team season.

Student can range in age 9-99 years old. This is a private class held once a week that goes at the student’s own speed.

 This is a perfect class for a new swimmer who is an older child or Adult who needs to learn the basics or refine skills. 

Swimmer is now working on mastering proper breathing freestyle, back stroke, and breaststroke. Swimmer is able to swim multiple length of the pool.