"A job well done... Top-rated among swim programs" City Kids 
"Best in class! I wouldn't go anywhere else..."
Dawn Smith
Martinez, Ca 
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"Little Dipper is the best place in town for customer service. We were very happy with the results."
Nicole Adams
Pleasant Hill, Ca
"Little Dipper Team: Thank you so much for the quality lessons my girls have experience this past year. We will be moving back to Germany Januray 2009, and can not wait to show off to our family how well the girls can swim! We will miss all of your teachers as they have all been just wonderful. Thank you Thank you!"

Donna Zimmerman
Lafayette, Ca 
My son has been going to Little Dippers for 1.5 years and my daughter has been going for 8 months. Both of my kids started with Joy as their teacher and currently my daughter is still with Joy in her parent participation class. I have had such a great experience with this school and these teachers. My son is now with Kirsten, whom I cant say enought good things about. Some people are just born to be teachers and have a way with kids and thats how I feel after every lesson with Kirsten. We have had Erin too and she is awesome! Each teacher has different skills and I have never been disappointed in a class. We came from San Francisco (UCSF swim classes), and I can tell you its night and day comparison. My son started when he was 2 years old at little dippers and it felt like it was his first REAL lesson, even though he had been in lessons since 6 months of age. Just this summer he is full on swimming and water safe. I did read the reviews and I understand that everyone has different parenting styles, but I actually had the opposite feeling when my son was trying to take charge of his class. I was sitting there watching my son cry and not want to get in the water and Joy was such a professional and took charge in a way I would expect his preschool teachers to act as well. I was so happy that my money wasnt wasted as has happened in former schools we attended where my son just watched the lesson instead of being talked to and rewarded for trying new things. I wanted to thank her so many times for working so hard with my son. I really think teaching your baby or child water safety is such a gift, and little dipper swim school has certainly been a great gift to our family. You wont be dissapointed.
Jen Birkby Walnut Creek Ca 

Started attending this school about 6 years ago of and on with our kids. I actually attended when I was a baby. It was really cool that my teacher (the owner/ Joy) was my teacher and my daughters. It's even at the same pool I attended. It's nice to see mom and pop style places still around for so long. I always like family owned places more than chain places. We enjoy getting to know other parents and their kids, we have had many social play dates from students we meet through little dippers. I love the Boyd Rd location as we also have lunch after on the lawn. Very low key and relaxed. Since it is at a home there is a homey feel and our kids respond so well to that environment. Wonderful place for your kids to learn how to swim.
Tanya A Concord, Ca 
We are huge fans of Little Dippers. My son (almost 3.5) has been taking lessons for 6 months, and has made huge progress. He started out with a huge fear of putting his face in the water, and in just a few short lesson, he was over that fear, and now going under water is his favorite part! Joy, our teacher, is wonderful. She has a firm, but kind way of speaking to the children, so they will pay attention and listen. Lots of postive encouragement along the way too, which I think is hugely important. We started out with private lessons, with myself going in the water with my son. We would sing lots of fun songs that pertained to the particular things we were learning. Now though, my son is in the water on his own with Joy, and he is able to swim short distances on his own, float on his back, dive to the bottom of the pool (with Joy's help) and pick up a toy, and swim to the side of the pool, reach for the edge, and climb out! I am amazed each and
every week at his progress. I would highly recommend the Little Dippers program to anyone who is looking to sign their child up for lessons.
Lilli Albonico Pleasnt Hill 
We had a great time in Hawaii. Lochlan had so much fun in the ocean and snorkeling. There's no way he could have enjoyed it as much nor could I have been so relaxed without his lessons with Little Dippers. He's confident and strong in the water and able to handle himself even in the waves. All his swim sessions and the great teaching has paid off. THANK YOU LITTLE DIPPERS!

Monica Thow
Hi Crew

I just wanted to drop you a line and let you know that Jess swam like a fish in Mexico. He was wowing the hotel guests with his dives and 
big arms. We had a wonderful time.

Thank you for everything!

Stephanie Walton
My daugther has been a student at Little Dipper Swim School for over a year now, and I have had nothing but a positive experience with the location and staff! This program is so wonderful for kids! The staff is amazing and are only trying to insure safety and good technique for our children while they are in or around water .

Deena Williams
I first enrolled my grand-daughters in a city-based swim program and I was very disappointed in their lack of achievement. The water was cold, the teachers changed frequently, and there were too many exterior distractions for them to concentrate. I started looking for a program that would contribute to making them water safe, which was my ultimate goal. Little Dipper Swim School was recommended to me and we started the lessons with Little Dippers! Little Dipper Swim School provides a service to the community that I very much appreciate. Keeping young children water safe is their top priority and they do an excellent job.

Sharron Anderson
I have been with Little Dipper for four plus years. They have a great reputation for the service they provide, which is provided to the families of many of us residents. They are very professional in their approach to the teaching of swimming and dealing with people. What an asset we have in a small, family-owned swim school with Little Dippers. Kids engaged in competitive activities rarely have time to get into trouble. The Little Dipper Swim School sets them on that path.

Janine Gamble
Our family has been involved with The Little Dipper Swim School for two years now. It is our neighborhood swim school and an integral part of my, and my neighbors' lives. It is where our children learn to love the water, and be safe in the water. Our new baby will be starting swim school there soon too, and we are so grateful to have this school, arguably the very best in the area, within walking distance from our home. It is part of what we love about Pleasant Hill. Little Dipper Swim School is a community fixture, and a respectful one at that.

Erica Kain
My family has had the most incredible experience at Little Dippers Swim School.

My daughter Mikaela started swimming at Little Dippers when she was 4 and was so uncomfortable. Although she never cried at any of her lessons, she wasn't fond of putting her face in the water. She soon gained confidence through the positive teachers at Little Dippers. She learned how to be safe in the water and how to swim.. She is now almost 6 and still swimming with Little Dippers. She loves swimming and doesn't ever want to stop swimming at Little Dippers.

My son Mikey started swimming at Little Dippers when he was 2. He didn't like anything about swimming. We struggled at every lesson with screaming and crying. Many of his lessons I spent in my car with the radio turned up so I couldn't hear him screaming or on the other side of the gate so he couldn't see me, wondering if I had made the right decision.

I knew in my heart the importance of water safety and knew, because of my daughters success, that Little Dippers was the best place for him. It by no means was an easy year for me - (yes I said 1 year). We had a rewards system that if he didn't cry or scream we would celebrate with a treat. Many weeks I so wanted to go out for a slurpee or ice cream reward but because he had resisted and didn't cooperate in the pool I had to say no.

Joy and Loren, both of his teachers, went through the worst of the terrible 2's and 3's with my son. They never gave up with him, they taught him respect and trust.

There was a point a very short time ago that I was about ready to pull him out because I had almost given up. I had a phone conversation with Joy about Mikey where she told me "Mikey is at the eye of the storm and he is going to turn." I hung up the phone and thought I have so much faith in this program that I am going to stick it out a bit longer. Six weeks later I am sitting here looking at pictures and video of my son, who just turned 4 years old, swimming on his own and diving off of the diving board without any tears and a huge smile on his face. As a parent, this has been one of the greatest joys I have been able to witness.

Both of my children have learned more than just how to swim. They have learned the importance of water safety - respect, trust, confidence and sense of accomplishment. Mikaela is so proud of herself and her accomplishment in the pool.

Mikey loves coming to Little Dippers to swim. He is so proud to have family and friends watch the video of him swimming - he calls it "The Mikey Show."

Thanks to Little Dippers, both of my children are on there way to many years of safe swimming.
Nancy Wentworth
Little Dipper Swim School is the best! All three of my children have
attended swim classes there. The two older ones are now successful swim team swimmers. The third, age 3, is the true fish of the family. She has been swimming at Little Dippers since before she could walk. Now, she swims. Not sorta paddle around with water wings on - she really swims. She swims! 

Anyone who says a 2 or 3 year old is too young to swim needs to watch Josie. More importantly, she has learned life-saving water safety skills, confidence, and respect for the water. Last year, Josie fell in the pool while watching a lesson. She came to the surface, floated, kicked to the wall, and climbed out all by herself. Of course, there is no substitute for vigilant supervision, but a child who can get herself out of the water after falling in accidentally is much safer around water than one who cannot. 

Joy [Josie's teacher and Little Dipper Swim School owner] once told me that she was "only a swimming teacher." I disagree. At Little Dipper, my children have learned discipline, confidence, perseverence, patience, respect, and, of course, swimming. I am very grateful for all of the life skills learned and fun times we've had at Little Dipper
Swim School.
Melissa Ward, Walnut Creek, Mom to Katie (8), Matthew (6), and Josie (3)
The teachers are knowledgable and really seem to love what they do and it shows. The only thing lacking for me is a changing station in the men's restroom but like any parent does, you make due with what you have. We have a nice time there! 
January 16, 2013
I love the facility as well as an instructor whom teached my son. I am very happy to find this place through Groupon. 

Individual lessons were fantastic!! Instructors were knowledgable and my kids begged to go each and every week.
Little Dipper has a great set up. It has a closeby (to the pool) observation area, comfortably warm pool, caring patient staff, toys used to teach swim skills to little ones which captures their attention, making it fun to learn and memorable.